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Hi Bill et al,

Hello DK,

1) Using /stand/sysinstall & trying to download packages from the freeBSD site, I get the ERROR prompt:

"Cannot resolve hostname ''! Are you sure that your name server,
gateway and network interface are correctly configured ?"

I have a Cable Broadband Connection. Does this error mean that my DHCP is not
configured correctly or is it something else ???

It might be possible that your cable broadband company does not send you any DNS servers to use. If you have the adresses you might be able to set them manually in the file /etc/resolv.conf

nameserver $ip1
nameserver $ip2

When trying to connect to my ISP's update-server(which you don't need to be
authenticated to access) I get this ERROR even though my Cable connection is
ON, Connected & Working:

200# ftp update-server
ftp: update-server: No address associated with hostname

Still looks like a Resolving problem to me. Try the above ;)

I have in my rc.conf file


As hostname i would choose a name that you like, it represents the name of the machine, not the ip adres of your machine ;)

should the "hostname" be the dynamically allocated address that my ISP assigns when I turn on my Cable Modem or should I leave it as ???

No, it's just the name of the computer, mine is called ...

If there is anything else that you think that I may be missing in trying to
connect to the net, please let me know ;)

If i think that you should do something extra in the meantime i will send and extra email ;)

Kind Regards,


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