I've been trying on and off to get an epson stylus c63 to print on current.  I've 
always used apsprint which has always worked perfectly.  In this case I am afraid that 
Epson has changed something and this model isn't supported by ghostscript.  I've 
always been able to usr practically any of the basic Epson stylus entries with new 
epson printers and they've worked.  In this case I get a lot of form feeds and 
garbage.  I've tried the gimp drivers and I get a lot of | and other garbage.  Ascii 
prints fine.  I've tried the script in the handbook to see if I could get anything 
understandable from different gs drivers with no luck.  

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciat them of if someone has a Epson Stylus 
C63 or C6? printing successfully, would you be kind enough to share the secret with 
me? :)



I saw that there are some linux drivers for Epson printers in general and the C6?.
Has anyone used them?  Can they be used directly as input filters in printcap?

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