Well FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 is running on my box with Windiws XP in
dual boot. So the installation definitely works. Now in your case
there may be a few posiblities. First of all, have u fixed the master
drive at the end of the cable and the slave drive in the middle
connector?. FreeBSD has been very fussy about hardware. The other
probability you have already guessed. Yes it may be the BIOS. Its a
good move to search the manufacturer site for updated BIOS and flash
it. However be careful. Thirdly, I would say put the 40G drive as
master as olders drives have buggy controller firmware and they *may*
create troubles in case of newer slaves. Fourtly, Jumper the drives
explicitly to be master and slave. Do not rely on the CS.


On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 10:13:55 +0200, Marc van Woerkom
> Hello,
> I am trying to run both FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE and Windows
> XP on one system and had no success yet.
> The system is a rather old PIII-400 with one 4 GB IDE hard
> disk (recognized by the BIOS) as master and one 40 GB IDE
> hard (where I have to disable the BIOS recognition) as
> slave hard disk.
> So far I managed to run Windows XP on that box, when I put
> a little start partition on the master drive and the XP
> installation on the slave drive.
> Windows XP was able to work with the 40 GB disk, while the
> BIOS hangs while autodetecting it.
> Then I tried to install FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE in another
> partition of the 40 GB disk.
> Sysinstall complained about the geometry of the 40 GB
> disk, saying that the values it read were impossible and
> it would continue with something more appropriate.
> Except for that bit the installation went as usual.
> However booting the system was not successful.
> The boot manager installed by sysinstall was neither able
> to boot Windows XP nor the FreeBSD installation.
> Is it possible that the standard FreeBSD boot manager
> doesn't work with Windows XP?
> Yesterday I tried to just install FreeBSD on that system,
> and maybe after that doing a new installation of Windows
> XP.
> But even this didn't work.
> So I now think that FreeBSD has big trouble with my disks.
> Perhaps the on board controller of the PIII-400 board is
> too  old for 40 GB IDE drives?
> It is a bit frustrating that I managed to get both Windows
> XP and some older SuSE linux running on that system and
> not old faithful FreeBSD. :(
> I also bought the complete FreeBSD recently, it has really
> progressed from my old Walnut creek edition, but it
> doesn't cover systems running both FreeBSD and any Windows
> >= Windows 2000.
> Any idea what is going on?
> Help would be very welcome!
> Regards,
> Marc
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