On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:08:42 +0200, Marc van Woerkom
> >Well FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 is running on my box with
> >Windiws XP in
> >dual boot. So the installation definitely works.

> Ok, that is already a good hint.
> What boot manager do you use for that dual boot system?

I use the FreeBSD boot manager which comes with the system.

> >First of all, have u
> >fixed the master
> >drive at the end of the cable and the slave drive in the
> >middle
> >connector?.
> I need to check that. I did not know about such a
> preference, and assumed both connectors are equal.

For Winshit (read Windows) or Linshit (read Linux), they are indeed
equal, but as I indicated, FreeBSD is *very* *very* fussy about
hardware. So you need to maintain that order.

> >probability you have already guessed. Yes it may be the
> >BIOS. Its a
> >good move to search the manufacturer site for updated
> >BIOS and flash
> >it. However be careful.
> Perhaps I better try to get a newer board.. but then I
> need newer ram, newer proc.. the usual upgrade madness. :)
> > Thirdly, I would say put the 40G
> >drive as
> >master as olders drives have buggy controller firmware
> >and they *may*
> >create troubles in case of newer slaves.
> OK, I'll try that.
> >Fourtly, Jumper
> >the drives
> >explicitly to be master and slave. Do not rely on the CS.
> I hope, I did that. But I check.
> Thanks a lot for the hints!
> Marc

Let us know if that worked out.

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