On 02/18/14 06:54, Velcro Leaf wrote:
I'm trying to get off tape drives and move to USB drives for backups, however 
circumstances are making this impossible.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a known 1TB external USB drive, powered
through the USB cable, that consistently works with FreeBSD, and has for some 

I've gone through half a dozen models of such drives and each time I find one 
that works properly on each of our servers, I try to buy a few more to make a 
complete cycle.  Invariably, however, I can no longer purchase the same model, 
or I can get the same model, but it is invisibly different at purchase-time 
(eg, with new firmware that doesn't work with FreeBSD).

I've tried to work through the quirks process with you guys, but it hasn't been 
successful, and eventually I suppose it's not considered enough of a problem to 
fix, probably because in a few weeks there will be a brand new version that 
doesn't work, in a different way.

I know that these drives are all tested with Windows before shipping, and 
that's why they work with Windows, but is there any plan, on either the 
hardware or FreeBSD side of things to deal with this issue?  I've been working 
on and off on the problem for about a year, and if anything, things are getting 



Are any of the USB devices you have bought so-called "USB certified", carry a USB logo and are registered by usb.org?

If yes, then you can complain about your findings of and force the vendor to comply to the standards involving USB mass storage and SCSI.

If no, then you have to contact the vendor about the problems you find.

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