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> >> Are any of the USB devices you have bought so-called "USB certified", 
> >> carry a USB logo and are registered by usb.org?
> > Any suggestions for buying one these things to use? Anyone have an 
> > experience with one they can recommend?

> Although, I suppose the more important question is...even if
> something is "USB certified", is it REALLY going to work?
> Just because it SHOULD work, WOULD it work?  If all certified
> means is that I theoretically could win a prolonged debate with
> either FreeBSD contributors or the drive manufacturer, then it
> hardly matters.  Being right on the Internet is worth less than
> nothing.
> I just want to buy half a dozen self-powered USB drives and
> have them work with multiple architectures (i386 and amd64)
> using the same recent, stable version of FreeBSD.  Any advice
> to help me accomplish this goal?

I have two 1TB USB3 external drives from Toshiba (laptop drives in a
plastic enclosure) which work with both FreeBSD and Windows7.

Since they're USB3 there's no problem with powering them.  Transfer
rates on the order of 90 MB/s.

Here's what's on the sticker:

v63700-C 1TB

Don't know whether these are still available.  Seems to me I bought
them cheap on eBay or amazon.

Gary Jennejohn

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