As you've probably seen from my previous posts, we're looking at using Hyper-V with FreeBSD.

We built a test system (2 node cluster) - and had 2 HA hosts running on it (a Windows 7 install, and a FreeBSD install from base/projects/hyperv r255634).

Live migration works for both hosts (i.e. to the other cluster node, and back) - but a failure of the node [power pulled / non-graceful shutdown] running the VM's - seems to trash the FreeBSD system.

Hyper-V correctly see's the node fail, and restarts both VM's on the remaining node. Windows 7 boots fine (says it wasn't shut down correctly - which is correct) - but FreeBSD doesn't survive.

At boot time we get a blank screen with "-" on it (i.e. the first part of the boot 'spinner') - and nothing else.

Booting to a network copy of FreeBSD and looking at the underlying virtual disk - it appears to be trashed. You can mount it (but it understandably warns it's not clean) - however, any access leads to an instant panic ('bad dir ino 2 at offset 0: mangled entry').

Trying to run fsck against the file system throws up an impressive amounts of 'bad magic' errors and 'rebuild cylinder group?' prompts.

Should the current FreeBSD Hyper-V drivers support this? (like I said, live migration worked without an issue - and Windows recovered fine from the failure).

The Hyper-V is running under WS2012, with a Synology SAN - if you need any more info, let me know,


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