Great! Thanks for verifying!
From: Karl Pielorz <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 8:56 AM
To: Abhishek Gupta (LIS);
Subject: RE: Hyper-V 2012 Cluster / Failover - supported? - Any known issues?

--On 18 September 2013 14:50 +0000 "Abhishek Gupta (LIS)"
<> wrote:

> Thanks again Karl! Yes, it should work. My understanding is that the
> failover should be agnostic to the guest OS but there could be some
> integration component that we might have missed. So it would be good to
> get to the bottom of this.

Ok, I've repeated the test twice now - and it's succeeded both times, so it
looks likely the Synology patch did 'something' that had a knock on effect
for this.

fwiw/incase anyone else hit this - our test setup comprises of a pair of
D412+ NAS's (active/passive) and they're now running DSM v4.3-3776-1 (which
was apparently released in the last few days) - so far (fingers crossed)
this appears to be working for us now.

I'll be re-testing it probably multiple times over the next few days - if I
hit any other issues - I'll let you know, and thanks again,


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