Hi Scott,

     The error I'm getting is:

VM unrestricted guest capability required
Error in initializing VM

 It's this one:

> b) the CPU does not support what I'm trying to do

Your 5570 CPU is a first-gen Nehalem. These models don't have 'unrestricted-guest' VT-x support which is required to run code in 16/32-bit mode with paging disabled. This feature arrived with Westmere and successors.

grub-bhyve boots Linux and OpenBSD in 32-bit "flat" mode - protected mode with paging disabled. This can only work if unrestricted-guest is supported by the CPU. Other hypervisors work around this by using s/w instruction emulation until paging is enabled.

You'll find the same error if you start up a FreeBSD VM with > 1 vCPU since the AP spinup code is started in 16-bit real mode.

This doesn't show up with a single-vCPU FreeBSD guest since bhyveload sets up a 64-bit execution environment for the kernel.



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