Hi Andrea,

We did a very rough comparison betweend BHyVe and VMWare ESXi. Maybe
you want to give it a read and let me know if I did write a bunch of
sh!t :-)

 Looks good to me :) Thanks for running the tests.

Would you be able to list the command options you used with bhyve when running these tests ?

What I couldn’t really understand (but that’s something not related
to bhyve or VMWare) is how a multiprocessor machine is slower than a
singleprocessor machine in doing the compilation… any idea?

Is hyper-threading enabled on your system ? If not, then with a host only having 2 CPUs and a 2 vCPU guest, there isn't as much opportunity to overlap host i/o threads with vCPU threads.

It would be interesting to see your "time" results when running bhyve to show %user/%system etc - that may give an indication of how much time is spent on 'overhead' CPU usage as opposed to pure vCPU usage.

> 20 VM – 2 CPUs – 2GB RAM

 Interesting result to say the least :)

I'll try and repro this and see if it's something simple. At first guess I'd say it's the classic 'lock-holder-preemption' issue that the ESXi scheduler has a lot of smarts to avoid.

Another interesting test would be Qemu/KVM VMs on Linux to see if it has the same issue.


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