On 2/6/14 9:36 AM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> Due to scheduling reasons we decided to spin up a third instance at RootBSD
> dedicated to mail and our non open source work.   We should have everything
> set up and ready to go in the next few days. But since I am always looking
> out for new tricks, thanks.

This news does not, under any circumstances belong on a technical list
relating to virtualization technologies in FreeBSD as per the project's
published guidelines:


There are countless resources on the Internet to help you debug your
systems and development work but this is not one of them.

It is great that you have found bhyve useful and we all look forward to
your bug reports, patches and success stories. So far you have inundated
this list with broken download URL's, misnamed software archives,
non-resolving hosts, proposals of marketing materials and my personal
favorite, a request for a bhyve developer to sign an NDA to see these.

Please hesitate before you write and determine if this is the correct
list and your post is in accordance with the above policies.

Michael Dexter
bhyve volunteer
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