On Wednesday, February 05, 2014 7:55:06 pm Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 1:00 PM, John Baldwin <j...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> > On Tuesday, February 04, 2014 09:55:13 AM Michael Dexter wrote:
> > > May I suggest you take this all to a personal blog?
> >
> > I agree.  You can use a blog on petitecloud.org if you wish, but the purpose
> > of this list is discussing virtualization techniques FreeBSD supports 
> > including
> > jails/vimage, hypervisors (bhyve), and accelerated guest support (e.g. Xen 
> > HVM
> > and Hyper-V drivers).  An occasional note about petitecloud may be 
> > warranted,
> > but the current volume is excessive.  Also, this list is not suitable for 
> > use
> > as a support forum for a commercial product.  It is certainly appropriate 
> > for
> > bug reports in the aforementioned list of topics (e.g. bhyve bugs or bhyve
> > performance testing results) that may come out of "downstream" bug reports.
>       2. You seem to be under the impression that PetiteCloud is a
> commercial product. It is in fact 100% Free Open Source (BSD license) and
> Open Knowledge.

Even derivative open source projects tend to provide their own fora for
bug reports, etc. (see, for example, PC-BSD and pfSense).  If a bug reported
in their system is the result of a bug in FreeBSD then it ends up being
logged as a FreeBSD issue as well, but the latter part is what occurs on
FreeBSD lists.

>       4. Currently the only available place to discuss cloud computing at
> all on FreeBSD is -virtualization@. A -cloud@ list might make more sense if
> there was one. We would strongly urge the creation of such a list, because
> we consider FreeBSD to be, without question, the best operating system for
> truly stable and robust cloud computing, and we would strongly encourage
> the FreeBSD Foundation to emphasize this in its advocacy. In the meantime,
> please note that PetiteCloud is not yet a full-fledged cloud platform, but
> currently is little more than just a front end for various hypervisors
> including bhyve (our preferred hypervisor

I suspect that the your posts would be just as on or off-topic on cloud@ as
they would be on virtualization.  I do not think we need an extra mailing
list at this time.

>       5.. We would appreciate clarification on what kinds of announcements
> are appropriate here. For example, we've been posting calls for testing of
> new versions of PetiteCloud for almost five months with no objection from
> anyone (except for an early question from Michael Dexter about how truly
> open-source we were) until we added support for a non-FreeBSD host. May we
> continue to post CFT's that contain FreeBSD-related issues (including
> making sure we didn't break anything related to our FreeBSD support when
> adding features required by other OS's).

I think CFTs are fine for now.  However, I think you should strive to setup
your own lists for support and general petitecloud-specific discussion on
petitecloud.org itself.  This is the model that other projects built on
FreeBSD use.

>          b. As soon the appropriate person at the FreeBSD foundation
> contacts us, we will arrange to transfer freebsd-openstack.org to the
> foundation, if the FreeBSD foundation desires to be in charge of such a
> portal. We do want to keep editorial control until we can put a basic
> content management system in place and populate it with some initial
> content.

You own this domain so you are free to do with it as you wish as far as
I am concerned.  If you wish to work with the Foundation you can e-mail
their board to discuss that further.

John Baldwin
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