On 2/6/14 7:02 PM, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
>    We still have not received any guidance on what sort of CFT's (if any)
>    are allowed on -virtualization@ for open-source projects that aim to be
>    FreeBSD ports.

That's not how it works. Read past list corespondent to get a feel for
the tone of the list. Some lists are extremely loose and some are very
firm such as one-way security announcements. If you have a doubt or a
question, politely ask it and you will find that people are
astonishingly helpful. Tell them how it's going to be and they will at
best ignore but possibly shun or flame you.

The BSD developers are the finest people I have found on this planet and
I highly suggest you appreciate what they provide all of us in exchange
for either an implied approval, the occasional thanks, the occasional
beer or best of all, a meaningful bug report or patch.

Please consider this: BSD Unix contains millions of lines of quality
code that took millions of person hours to produce. Statistically, there
is no dent that any of us can make on it that is warrants arrogance.
Companies have come and gone who thought they could laugh their way to
the bank by forking it with some multi-person-year diff that they
thought the community would never catch up with. bhyve, pf and ZFS show
that the community will ALWAYS be ahead of the game and that some
companies grasp the value of sharing key technologies like bhyve and
ZFS. The community and your role will best function if its extremely
simple rules are followed in the context of its extremely reasonable and
generous license. In short, do your homework and you will be very glad
you did because it will open many doors for you and earn the trust of
amazing developers, administrators and users around the world.

This is my personal opinion but it is based on over 20 years of BSD Unix
use and a dozen years of active community participation.

Pause. Listen. Listen some more. Ask questions. Help out and receive
priceless help from some of the best developers on the planet.

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