Udo Rader wrote:
> ...
> Raw disks are fine with us as we do not overprovision storage (at least
> not yet).

nfs, with the server running zfs "raid10", and the guest as an nfs client, 
using the "bridge" network, is as fast for normal file i/o (like un-tarring a 
big file) as native zfs on the server, and is as fast as "ufs" on the client 
using raw "zvol" from the server. so you have choices, and none of them are 

> [guests.redbarn:amd64] cat /etc/fstab # Device Mountpoint FStype
> Options Dump Pass# /dev/vtbd0p3 / ufs rw 1 1 mm1:/zroot1/guesthomes
> /zroot1/guesthomes nfs rw,noinet4 0 0 


> root@mm1:/home/vixie # cat /etc/zfs/exports # !!! DO NOT EDIT THIS
> FILE MANUALLY !!! /zroot1/guesthomes guests.redbarn.org /zroot1/home
> family.redbarn.org 

Paul Vixie
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