On 5/27/16 1:33 AM, Peter Grehan wrote:
As of r300829, support for graphic output has been checked into the
projects/bhyve_graphics branch...

HUGE thanks to Leon and Peter for making this happen. We all owe them our gratitude as with all things bhyve, this is non-trivial code.

There is a dedicated UEFI page on the wiki that would be suitable for the FAQ's that are starting to appear on this thread. I will sync it with Peter's original message and welcome others to contribute:


I tested every major GNU/Linux distribution and a few variants and Windows up through 2016 TP5. The results have been great but I'm sure there are edge cases that need addressing. Please do test this with high CPU counts, RAM allocations and anything else you can think of.

All the best,

Michael Dexter
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