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> > Am 05.12.2017 um 17:41 schrieb Rodney W. Grimes 
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> > In effect what your asking for is what NFS does, so use NFS and get
> > over the fact that this is the way to get what you want.  Sure you
> > could implement a virt-vfs but I wonder how close the spec of that
> > would be to the spec of NFS.
> I figure it should be possible to implement something simpler
> than NFS that provides full local posix semantics under the
> constraint that only one "client" is allowed to mount the FS
> at a time.
> I see quite a few applications for something like this, specifically
> in "hyperconvergent" environments. Or vagrant, of course.
> *scratching head* isn't this what Sun's "network disk" protocol provided?

nd provided a 512b block device, no file system symatics at all,
I believe it did allow 1 writer N readers though.

Today you would use iSCSI in place of nd.

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