> I'm not using ZFS in my VMs for data integrity (the host already provides 
> that); it's mainly for the easy creation and management of filesystems, and 
> the ability to do snapshots for rollback and replication. Some of my 
> deployments have hundreds of filesystems in an organized hierarchy, with 
> delegated permissions and automated snapshots, send/recvs, and clones for 
> various operations.

I architect things in such a way that I have 1 VM used as a NAS that
runs zfs and allows all that nice functionality then all the other
VM's run with ufs + nfs mounts.  And can actually run a VM with
no local disk over iPxe netbooting.

I find this very flexible and minimally impacting.  Though it
does make a single point of failure, that could be cured with
some redundancy.

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