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> Am 05.12.2017 um 16:41 schrieb Paul Vixie <p...@redbarn.org>:
> in some bsd related meeting this year i asked allan jude for a bhyve level 
> null mount,
> so that we could access at / inside the guest some subtree of the host, and 
> avoid block
> devices and file systems altogether. right now i have to use nfs for that, 
> which is irritating.

I'm not an FS developer but from experience as an admin that
feature - nullfs mounts into a hypervisor - while greatly desired,
looks quite nontrivial to implement.

Jordan went to 9Pfs for the now discontinued FreeNAS Corral
at iX. If it was easy to do at the VFS layer, I doubt they would have
gone that way.

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