Hello, Aleksandr.
You wrote 20 ноября 2012 г., 14:05:51:

AR> I don't know how much performance you need, but IIRC sometime ago some
AR> good guy :) said he can do 200Mbps of UDP traffic on DIR-825, so I think
AR> it can give you 200-300Mbps for wired network. And that device is
AR> router with AP, so both in one box.
  Hmm...  I need to give it a try. Because now 500Mhz x86 CPU can not route
 my  traffic  with extensive firewall, NAT and other stuf, and DLink
 has only 650(?) Mhz CPU. But  I understand, that Mhz is not only
 metric, and network chips and bus is important too.

  I need try to build firmware with all needed services (mpd5, BIND,
 isc-dhcp-server, nmbd-related parts of samba)... Oh, shit.. How could
 I build ports for MIPS without MIPS? :(

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