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>   Hmm...  I need to give it a try. Because now 500Mhz x86 CPU can not route
>  my  traffic  with extensive firewall, NAT and other stuf, and DLink
>  has only 650(?) Mhz CPU. But  I understand, that Mhz is not only
>  metric, and network chips and bus is important too.

Well, we need to do some performance work in the wireless stack/driver.
The ath(4) TX path is a little CPU heavy for my liking.

>   I need try to build firmware with all needed services (mpd5, BIND,
>  isc-dhcp-server, nmbd-related parts of samba)... Oh, shit.. How could
>  I build ports for MIPS without MIPS? :(

It only has 64MB of RAM. Current systems tend to assume more RAM is
available. Ian has done some digging into how to slim down the malloc
requirements of -HEAD on ARM so I'm hoping we can sort that out and
get it into the tree for the embedded builds.

But in any case, my aim is to make the DIR-825 do at least 300MBit of
wireless traffic across both interfaces, with bridging or routing. NAT
would be nice to hit after that goal.

As for cross-building ports - that's being worked on.

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