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>Hello, Aleksandr.

Hi Lev!

>You wrote 20 ноября 2012 г., 14:05:51:
>AR> I don't know how much performance you need, but IIRC sometime ago
>AR> good guy :) said he can do 200Mbps of UDP traffic on DIR-825, so I
>AR> it can give you 200-300Mbps for wired network. And that device is
>AR> router with AP, so both in one box.
>Hmm...  I need to give it a try. Because now 500Mhz x86 CPU can not
> my  traffic  with extensive firewall, NAT and other stuf, and DLink
> has only 650(?) Mhz CPU. But  I understand, that Mhz is not only
> metric, and network chips and bus is important too.

680 to be correct :-)

>  I need try to build firmware with all needed services (mpd5, BIND,
> isc-dhcp-server, nmbd-related parts of samba)... Oh, shit.. How could
> I build ports for MIPS without MIPS? :(

That why I ask you to come in :-)

There is many ways correct or not so, but more eyes is more good to solve that 
kind of things.

Devices like dir825 is not optimal for services like SMB/NMB but it can cover 
your requirements and you can give something for embedded project.

Then you can share your firmware and experience for others.

So peoples will be able to use better fw and HW vendors will look more 
seriously about to use FreeBSD as base for small (SOHO class) router too. 

Aleksandr Rybalko <r...@ddteam.net>

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