That's right. The atheros devices have one MAC and one radio. There
was a module which used one MAC and two radios (one 2ghz and one 5ghz)
but only one was active at a time. since there was only one MAC, you
couldn't even do dual-band concurrent operation with that.

There's nothing _stopping_ a manufacturer putting two NICs on one
board. There's some dual-AR9220 boards out there which have two
AR9220's on a single mini-PCI card. But they require a slightly
modified board - the second NIC has its IDSEL pin on another (unused?
gpio?) mini-PCI pin. So if you plug it into a normal device you only
see one AR9220. Yes, FreeBSD-HEAD runs on the particular dev board and
drives those NICs correctly.

So far, I don't think anyone has made a public, "correct" dual band
single NIC - which involves putting a PCI or PCIe bridge chip on a
card, as well as two AR9xxx chips.

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