And it did cause problems with 8GB before IIRC.

On 4/2/2013 7:28 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:
Nono, they're free. There's no active pages after an unload. Thus, they're fine.

Ok, so now I need to go and audit things in more depth.



On 2 April 2013 17:24, Joshua Isom <> wrote:
hw.busdma.total_bpages: 8250
hw.busdma.zone0.total_bpages: 8250
hw.busdma.zone0.free_bpages: 8250
hw.busdma.zone0.reserved_bpages: 0
hw.busdma.zone0.active_bpages: 0
hw.busdma.zone0.total_bounced: 3836
hw.busdma.zone0.total_deferred: 0
hw.busdma.zone0.lowaddr: 0xffffffff
hw.busdma.zone0.alignment: 4096

They'd not freed.

On 4/2/2013 5:33 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:

Ok, can you:

* bring the interface down cleanly (ifconfig wlan0 down);
* unload the ath driver (kldunload if_ath and kldunload if_ath_pci)
* sysctl hw.busdma, and just add it to the list here?

I'd like to make sure that it's freeing all the bounce buffer pages.



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