I added -ampdu to rc.conf and it connected to the network, but still dropped packets. I'm not getting the network to work when I try it manually after boot. It could be me though, or something else wrong or not working properly. It's the same kernel as before except the patch, and that was the only time I was getting those messages. I checked hw.ath before, and after, there's no difference.

hw.ath.longcal: 30
hw.ath.shortcal: 100
hw.ath.resetcal: 1200
hw.ath.anical: 100
hw.ath.rxbuf: 512
hw.ath.txbuf: 512
hw.ath.txbuf_mgmt: 32
hw.ath.bstuck: 4
hw.ath.debug: 0
hw.ath.hal.debug: 0

On 4/3/2013 6:16 PM, Adrian Chadd wrote:

Please try again, but tell me what the output of :

sysctl hw.ath

is. LEave ampdu on for now.

The allocation failures are a bit odd; that only happens when you've
compiled it without the 11n option enabled.


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