El 24/04/2015 a les 17:42, Roger Pau Monné ha escrit:

> As can be seen from the logs above, in the broken system the detection
> of the codec in the first card (hdac0) fails when booting as Dom0 (it
> succeeds when booting bare metal). Do you see something similar on
> your system? Roger. 


   I booted in verbose mode, checked my boot log [1] but I'm unable see
anything relevant (perhaps you can see anything in there).
   OTOH, I have a pair of usb headphones, and those (IIRC) work fine
when booting as Dom0 (that fits with the fact that one of your boxes
work fine). I would appear that some hardwares seem to be affected and
others don't.



   [1] http://dpaste.com/0RVQKBG

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