El 14/04/15 a les 8.00, Gustau Pérez ha escrit:
>>>> Probably, but without a serial console it's impossible to tell. Can you
>>>> apply the following patch to FreeBSD and rebuild the kernel?
>>>> https://people.freebsd.org/~royger/mem.patch
>>>    What would I see after applying this patch? is it designed to solve
>>> the reboot?
>     Hello,
>     this morning I was able to the patch, and apparently it fixes the
> reboots with PV domU guests. Right now I'm installing debian as PV with
> no problems.  Thank you. 

I've cleaned up the patch that fixed the reboots while creating PV
guests that you experienced before. Since I'm not able to reproduce this
problem, can you make sure the new version also works for you?


It should apply cleanly to HEAD.

Thanks, Roger.

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