I finally found a PC that had all of the necessary CPU instructions.  It is 
my company issued i7 laptop.  I loaded FreeBSD Current on a spare hard drive 
and Xen is able to start and the 'xl list' shows that my DomU is loaded and 
running. I just get a black screen when attempting a vncviewer connection to 
the Dom0 address from another computer.  I have not been able to get X to 
start on this Lenovo W540 laptop because of known Xorg problems separating 
the Intel 4600 primary display and the Nvidia graphic chip for the docking 
station.  I wanted to test the functionality of Xen on FreeBSD before 
commiting to purchase a new motherboard and CPU that supports VT-d and EPT.

I also got a xenserver syntax error when following the example configuration 
shown on the FreeBSD Wiki writeup.  The 'vnclisten =' should have 
quotes around it.  It should read vnclisten = ""


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