Hello Roger,

my test machine is now running HEAD (r303131) amd64 with 
xe-guest-utilities-6.0.2 (from HEAD ports r418911). My XenServer environment is 
still the same.

When I migrate the VM to another host then the migration finishes but at the 
end of migration the VM console switches to the VGA BIOS screen (Plex86/Bochs 
VGABios ...).

The VM console freezes, the VM is not reachable over network and in XenCenter I 
see the first 2 CPU's go up to 100 percent.

Then after 10 minutes the CPU usage goes down, the VM console is responsive and 
the machine is reachable over network. And the time is in sync (not in future).

Maybe I used the wrong path to setup a machine with HEAD - I upgraded 

I will do a 2nd test using the 
FreeBSD-11.0-ALPHA6-amd64-20160701-r302303-disc1.iso and then update to the 
latest revision. Maybe this way is more clean and will bring other results.
But I'm not sure if I will get this finished today. I will be in vacation from 
Monday and then let you know when I'm finished.



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> Subject: Re: 'Live' Migrate messes up NTP on FreeBSD domU - any suggestions?
> It seems that HEAD is in a good shape now, starting from r303076 (or any
> later revision) you should be able to test live migration without issues.
> I will MFC the fix to stable/11 in a couple of days, until then can you give
> HEAD a try?
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