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Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> <URL: http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=35646 >
> This patch removes all unsafe terrain, both the unsafe terrain flag
> (currently unused, used to set for glaciers, but was removed since it
> was annoying) and unsafe ocean for triremes. Instead, triremes simply
> cannot travel into an ocean square with no coastline.

No objection.

> There is an issue, though, which is that the server checks its global
> knowledge of coastlines to determine whether a trireme can go
> somewhere. So the user can try to move the trireme toward unexplored
> tiles and whether and if the unexplored tiles are coastline, the move
> will succeed and explore them, but if they are ocean, the move will
> fail. This might seem wrong - the trireme's refusal to leave the
> coastline should depend on the client knowledge, not the server
> knowledge. This looks quite a bit harder to implement, though. On the
> other hand, if we think about it in terms of deep vs shallow waters,
> there most likely is shallow water whereever the trireme is allowed to
> go - the client just cannot display it yet. So if this is just a step
> on the way to implementing deep vs shallow ocean, perhaps it is ok as
> it is.

Yes, this is unacceptable in the long run.  Deep-ocean is the solution.


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