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Alexander Sayenko wrote on Mar 01, 22:03 (-0800):

> There is a bug report based on several discussions in the Freeciv forum.
> The main inconsistency is that:
> * while upgrading a unit, the veteran status is preserved
> * while a unit is upgraded by Leonardo workshop, it cleared, i.e., a unit
> becomes a novice
> Possible solutions:
> * keep the veteran status in all cases

I'm for this. Dropping the veteran status makes upgrading quite
worthless. BTW, there is a rather old bug report for this, and I
*think* this is already fixed in the above way at least in 2.0.9 beta3


> * clear the veteran status in all cases
> * clear the veteran status if a user upgrades a unit but keep it if a unit
> is upgraded by the Leonardo workshop
> * keep the veteran status when a user upgrades a unit if he has the
> Leonardo Worshop; otherwise it is cleared
> * instead of clearing the veteran status in all the cases above, it can be
> downgraded by one level

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