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On 3/3/07, Guest <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sat Mar 03 11:16:57 2007]:
> >
> > I agree with Christian. If status is dropped it will be always better
> > to disband unit
> > and build a new one in a city with barracks.
> >
> > Thanks, Daniil.
> If you have an elite catapult it is much better to upgrade it to the
> hardened cannon. If you start to build a new cannon, you need resources,
> time, and a city with Barracks. Furthermore you will get only the
> veteran  cannon. So, you will still need to train it to achieve the
> hardened unit, not talking about an elite one.

 I definitely want veteran status to remain in my games. As there are
opinions for and against, this should probably be ruleset option. Of
course, we still have to decide how it will work in default ruleset.

 - ML

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