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> well i see that some of you say that the status should be dropped at 
> one stage, but i will disagree here.
> assume you have a elite carvel crew, you assign them to a new galeon. 
> they are very experianced with those kind of ships. so they would 
> probably stay elite
> same with frigates->ironclads

I think that is the main inconsistency. If you are assigned a new 
technology it does not assume that you become automatically experienced 
with it. For instance, Pikemen are upgraded to Musketeers. Do you 
really believe that an elite pikeman will become immediately an elite 
musketeer? They are using quite different weapons, tactics, etc. The 
same is for other technologies, such as catapults and cannons.

People even need time and training to move from one programming 
language to another, not talking about being an expert :-)


> when it comes to catipults and cannons, they both rely on aim. when 
> upgrade them, the status should remain
> right now if you upgrade with money, status remians. the 
> workshop "upgrades" them for free. 
> so i ask u guys to make an option before u make the game for the 
> upgrading system->which one you prefer to play in
> -flamehawk96
> (aka eadle)

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