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> [chrisk - Fri Mar 02 11:06:11 2007]:
> Alexander Sayenko wrote on Mar 01, 22:03 (-0800):
> > There is a bug report based on several discussions in the Freeciv forum.
> > The main inconsistency is that:
> > 
> > * while upgrading a unit, the veteran status is preserved
> > * while a unit is upgraded by Leonardo workshop, it cleared, i.e., a
> > becomes a novice
> > 
> > Possible solutions:
> > 
> > * keep the veteran status in all cases
> I'm for this. Dropping the veteran status makes upgrading quite
> worthless. BTW, there is a rather old bug report for this, and I
> *think* this is already fixed in the above way at least in 2.0.9 beta3
> Christian
> > * clear the veteran status in all cases
> > * clear the veteran status if a user upgrades a unit but keep it if
a unit
> > is upgraded by the Leonardo workshop
> > * keep the veteran status when a user upgrades a unit if he has the
> > Leonardo Worshop; otherwise it is cleared
> > 
> > * instead of clearing the veteran status in all the cases above, it
can be
> > downgraded by one level

Personally, I prefer a case when the veteran status decreases by one
level during an upgrade (see my ideas concerning this issue on the
forum). However, since the Leonardo workshop is a wonder, both the
normal upgrade and the Leonardo upgrade should preserve the veteran
status, if a user has this wonder. 

In other words, the first stage is that you fix the Leonardo worskhop
behaviour. The second stage is that you decide what to do with the
normal upgrade when a player does not have this wonder.


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