Per I. Mathisen wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, William Allen Simpson wrote:
>> Apparently without discussion, 2.1 has been officially abandoned, as 2.2
>> has been branched in the repository.
> If you did not read the discussion, how could you reach the conclusion it 
> has been abandoned? The plan is still to release 2.1 soon (as has been 
> the plan for a very long time).
There was no discussion on this list -- nor on any other list that I'm
subscribed -- about branching 2.2.

The usual meaning of a "branch" is the working version for release,
or a private copy for a particular developer to be merged back into trunk.

Therefore, since 2.2 has been branched and is not a private copy, 2.1 is
now abandoned.

>> Unfortunately, nobody has yet added the 2.2 tag in RT. I cannot tag
>> things for 2.2, until then I won't be working on 2.2 either.
> Added. Anything else I need to to do?
That's helpful.

>> What's the beta schedule for 2.2?
> After 2.1 is released and the map editor is complete, I would say.
If the map editor is not complete, then 2.2 should not have been branched,
as it was not ready.

> I think any rules work like advanced governments will go into trunk only 
> now.

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