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> [wsimpson - Sun Dec 09 22:45:45 2007]:
> With the savegame you provided, all the folks are AI, so I'm not sure
> which of the many players on a vast map....  Anyway, I tried player0,
> usually a likely choice, and had no problem meeting with any of the
> players listed in F3 contact.

Thanks William!

I just downloaded my uploaded save game and as Dutch i cannot Meet with
Hellanic (Player Tab F3), maybe this has to do with the .rc file so i
will also attach that file.

> Could you send an earlier file you think is good, so I can make a
quick line by line comparison?

Since i'm getting all kinds of savegame errors i will be posting a set
of files to compare... asap.

> My guess is you'll need to Quit from time to time, instead of Leave
and Load....

That's either another bug or just a way to work-around bugs... 

Cheers!  Cor'e  =)

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