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This is a reintroduction of an old, oft-fixed, and apparently under 2.1
oft-reported bug.

Namely, the save (autosave) is being created with the human player
toggled to AI.  On load the AI flag is not unset.

This happened in the past when the client crashed and the server would
toggle the player to AI before doing an autosave and exiting.  This was
fixed some time ago, I don't remember the PR#.

What we're seeing appears to be the same thing except that in the
reported case it is always happening, not just when the client exits

The results of a human player being set as AI are annoying.  The AI will
move your units at the end of the turn if you didn't already.  It will
change your city productions.  It will do your diplomacy for you, not
letting you do it yourself.  And so on.  This should sound familiar from
a few other recently reported bugs.

The question then is how is the player getting toggled.


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