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I should add, as a quick workaround you can just aitoggle yourself. 
Type /aitoggle <yourusername> in the command line.

This is a significant bug though that should be a priority for the next
2.1 release.

> [guest - Thu Dec 13 03:29:53 2007]:

> I still do not know why William could Meet and all, i downloaded this
> save game and i STILL could not Meet...!?  Is William running the FFC211
> i am?  Is there a part of my .rc involved?  He could not see the Human
> player but could Meet, I could not Meet, we both used the same file
> here.  Perhaps it is the same bug, but my running a different ruleset
> gives different quirks to it than William's ruleset??  Here's my ruleset
> attached then if need be for it.

He's probably using a different client that doesn't let you open
diplomacy dialogs in AI mode.  Which specific 2.1 download are you using?


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