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Yes!  It had moved my units all about, i just thought save data from
something else just got overlay'd or injected into my savegame, but what
you say fits too.  

And in earlier versions (FC210) i'd not know which player i was in a
savegame because sometimes it would Load and have 30 AI and no Humans,
like in this savegame uploaded William stated this, but he chose
correctly, i was Dutch.  

I still do not know why William could Meet and all, i downloaded this
save game and i STILL could not Meet...!?  Is William running the FFC211
i am?  Is there a part of my .rc involved?  He could not see the Human
player but could Meet, I could not Meet, we both used the same file
here.  Perhaps it is the same bug, but my running a different ruleset
gives different quirks to it than William's ruleset??  Here's my ruleset
attached then if need be for it.

Thanks for posting your knowledge, this will save me alot of time

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