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Jason Dorje Short wrote:
> But engineer doesn't take population.  It's not a bug.  Nor is there 
> anything that needs fixing, unless someone finds some part of the 
> documentation that doesn't differentiate worker-type from settler-type 
> units.
Civ II Manual, SETTLERS & ENGINEERS, page 114:

     Your civilization produces Settlers and Engineers in the same
manner as it does any other unit, with one caveat. When one of these
units is completed, the population of the city that produced it is
reduced by one point (one citizen on the POPULATION ROSTER),
representing the emigration of these pioneers. If a city has only one
population point when it completes the task of building a Settlers or
Engineer unit, the city disappears when its population is absorbed into
the new unit. This is one of the only ways to eliminate a city that is
in a poor or inconvenient location.

(If that's not working, it's a bug.)

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