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After 12 hours of staring at this problem, and debugging both S2_1 and
S2_2, I've guessed that there is some unit somewhere that is killed, but
not unlinked from its tile.  Another unit is meeting it.

In 2.1, all goes well until the make_contact() routine tries to print
the nation_plural.  The nation is NULL in the player.  I'd forgotten
that nation_of_player() is also used for nation_plural_for_player().
It's probably the Indian unit(s), as that player died this turn.

In 2.2, it doesn't even get that far.  The player and name are both NULL
in the unit.

But that's all I've been able to learn....

After the 2.1.3 release, I'll check in my debugging, and try again.

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