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> [wsimpson - Sun Feb 24 02:57:33 2008]:
> Madeline Book wrote:
> > And as for appealing to realism (I assume that is what
> > you mean by "usual expectations", 
> I meant the actual behavior of civ1/2/3.  We only need
> "options" for things that change from ruleset to ruleset.

I don't understand this justification (maybe we have
confused each other?). I mean a server setting (in
server/settings.c) like savepalace or killcitizen,
that would control the effect air and/or civilian
units would have on enemy city workers. I don't see why
this should be for things (?) that change only from
ruleset to ruleset (is this a policy? And can you give
me some examples so I better know what you mean?).

> Does an air unit bounce a city worker in civ1?
> Does an air unit bounce a city worker in civ2?
> Does an air unit bounce a city worker in civ3?

I don't know the answer to those questions. I also think
it is not relevant, unless you view strict emulation of
civ1,2,3 more highly than respecting your current user
base. Would not a server setting also give you the benefit
of the doubt? Perhaps one version of civ has that
behaviour, and another does not.

I am objecting to a change in a game rule that I know
will cause at least minor discomfort to players used to
the behaviour before the change. Hence my suggestion that
a server setting be added to allow access to the old game
rule. If your structural changes to the codebase have made
implementing such a setting impossible, well then alright,
that's really a shame, and I hope you will be more careful
about such things in the future (to avoid irrevocably
changing a more important game rule).

> My memory is that they do not, but it's been a long time.
> Likewise diplomats/spies, as that would completely destroy
> their stealth.

Spies and diplomats do not have the Partial_Invis flag. As
for stealth fighters/bombers, consider that submarines can
in fact be detected by their effect on city workers when their
controlling player is foolish enough to move them into the
field of the enemy city (a common, relied-upon occurence in
games). So there is precedent for "stealthy" units having
thier stealth destroyed by affecting enemy city workers.

Consider also that an air or civilian unit can be used to
bypass ZOC, implying that they do in fact "control" the
tile, and hence should bounce city workers.

I hope my advice above, representing the input of the
multiplayer freeciv community, has been helpful. If you
find that it is tiresome to have me second-guessing you
all the time, just say so, or feel free to ignore me. ;)

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