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Madeline Book wrote:
> .... I mean a server setting (in
> server/settings.c) like savepalace or killcitizen,
> .... I don't see why
> this should be for things (?) that change only from
> ruleset to ruleset ....
Neither should be server settings.  That's the old way.  Most of these
have been gradually moved to the (newer) effects rulesets.

>> Likewise diplomats/spies, as that would completely destroy
>> their stealth.
> Spies and diplomats do not have the Partial_Invis flag.

Definitely a ruleset bug.  There's some oddity with the V_INVIS layer and
various "hidden" test functions.  Probably later additions without
sufficient documentation.

> for stealth fighters/bombers, consider that submarines can
> in fact be detected by their effect on city workers when their
> controlling player is foolish enough to move them into the
> field of the enemy city

Again, definitely a bug.

> Consider also that an air or civilian unit can be used to
> bypass ZOC, implying that they do in fact "control" the
> tile, and hence should bounce city workers.
Interesting argument.  ZOC is changed considerably in civ3.  Bad design
decisions shouldn't be enshrined in perpetuity.

However, none of this is relevant to this ticket, which is on the path to
fixing crashing bugs....

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