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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Wed Jun 11 19:15:25 2008]:
>  After some testing:
>  - Only functionality missing from this new model, but present in old
> version seems to be modifying city internals

I don't recall there being any GUI for doing that and the
packets, handlers, etc., were variously #if 0'd out along
with some FIXMEs. Anyway the property editor (in editprop.[ch])
that I would be working on now and will be working on soon
will be able to do that (also for tiles, units, and possibly

>  - packhand.c:2368: handle_tile_info: Assertion
> `unit_list_size(ptile->units) == 0' failed. I were removing vision
> from tile with somebody else's unit.

This looks like a bug due to a condition I failed to forsee.
It should be easy enough to fix (i.e. don't allow removing
vision of a player on a tile with that players' units/city
in it). I'll get right on fixing it.


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