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Madeline Book wrote:

>>  - Why city creation now fails without telling reason to client?
>> (modifications to handle_edit_city_create() /
>> handle_edit_create_city() )
> I thought a long time about how and when to do error messages
> in server edithand.c. I decided the server should for the most
> part remain silent for bad input or "illegal" operations. This
> is because the user (who is editing) is assumed to know the
> rules (e.g. where cities may be placed) and becase operations
> can be batched (which would result in a lot of duplicate
> messages).
> Do you think the server should notify the user more in
> such circumstances?

This is an issue for a lot of regular-game city report operations as 
well.  There is no established standard afaik (there should be), but 
most places seem to have client checking as well as server spamming of 
error messages IIRC.


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