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On Sun, 22 Jun 2008 22:14:57 +0900, Per I. Mathisen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  

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> On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 12:14 PM, Daniel Markstedt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  
> wrote:
>> IMHO another must-fix for 2.2 first beta is some kind of update to the
>> default tilesets. William's new terrain rules have outdated all 2.1
>> tilesets. "Wooded hills" provide different resources from "verdant  
>> hills",
>> for example, but use the same sprite and often exist in the same general
>> area. If we release a beta without doing anything about this, I can
>> promise it'll generate alot of negative buzz among veteran users.
>> For starters, I will make ugly-but-usable tweaks to the current default
>> tilesets, while trying to recruit the services of our artist community.
> I would rather suggest these terrain code changes are reverted. I see
> no good reason for them other than the inane "we have to do it like
> game XYZ". Even with new graphics they will be quite confusing.
>   - Per

How about this solution: Keep the code but edit the rulesets to restore  
2.1-equivalent gameplay. For example, 'desert plain' and 'desert hills'  
have the same values and look the same for now, while we leave the window  
open for ruleset creators to add complexity and artists to add visual  

I just recalled another 'bug' that the new terrain code has introduced:  
less accuracy of civ1 and civ2 rulesets. Both share the same terrainset as  
default, which is needless to say far from the original rules for those  
games. I remember trying to create a 'classical' terrainset late last year  
but ran into various issues; the current terrain code is not flexible  
enough to reimplement a simpler terrainset.


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