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> Attached patch will let the cities be visible in the fog after you
> viewed them with a unit or something else. Note that if you test it on a
> savegame affected by the current bug you will have to give the client
> the chance to get an update on the city list by the server. E.g. with
> the GTK client and current editor available just press key combos:
> "<ctrl> + e", "<ctrl> + f" and "<ctrl> + e" again.

This bug is introduced since 2.1; I have no idea how or if it could
have been intentional.  One thing is for sure though: that it needs to
be fixed and fixed carefully.  Bugs with "dumb" cities have been
around forever and any massive change here will likely introduce more
instability.  Better is to try to revert to the 2.1 design.  I think.

Unfortunately I don't have the resources to look at this problem
within the next few weeks but I hope someone can give it the attention
it deserves.


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