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2008/7/24 guest user:
> There is the catch: Between the versions the ptile->city member has been
> replaced by ptile->worked which points to the city working on the tile,
> so many tiles are pointing to the same city (in the city radius I
> suppose). That is what the tile_city function is all about (in S2_1 it
> didn't exist and the put_one_element function got just passed
> ptile->city), as it checks whether the tile that is worked on (if at
> all) is the center tile of the city itself or if not returns NULL
> (meaning it is just a tile in the vicinity of the given city and worked
> by it).

 This also brings the concept of client sied "invisible cities". These
are cities client knows to exist, because it has seen some tile it
uses, but doesn't know where city center is or anything about city
internals. I fixed crash related to city->tile->city == NULL not so
long ago. Maybe this (legally) invisible city code is not working
correctly, but makes also fogged cities invisible.

 - ML

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