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> [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Do 24. Jul 2008, 00:49:34]:

> The problem must be that when the tile is fogged (in the tile packet),
> the ptile->worked flag is cleared.  Looking for "->worked = NULL" in
> the code should find the offending code - it shouldn't be cleared if
> there's a city on the tile.

Great! Without even looking at the code you know exactly how to track
down the bug. Just that the worked member isn't set to NULL directly but
via a wrapper method I looked for in packhand.c and just the first match
was an hit. :D Thank you a lot Jason!

Concerning the further discussion that evolved here I suppose that
should probably be moved to another ticket concerning the discovered
issues, as I regard the bug reported here solved with the 3-liners patch
attached. I agree with book that the border feature right now is
currently more a drawback than it helps the gameplay, however if it
would work like in civ3 where the borders are helping a defending nation
as all infrastructure like roads and rails are prohibited to be used by
enemy units invading the territory this feature would become really
interesting. But that should be something for another [wishlist] ticket...


P.S.: As I seem to have aroused the attention of so many admins in this
ticket I wanted to remind you on a personal side note to consider my
request for membership to your group in the Gna system (nickname
diff -Nur -X.diff_ignore trunk/client/packhand.c changed/client/packhand.c
--- trunk/client/packhand.c	2008-07-24 23:06:22.000000000 +0200
+++ changed/client/packhand.c	2008-07-24 23:33:59.000000000 +0200
@@ -2295,7 +2295,9 @@
        * (ptile->worked->tile == NULL) */
       tile_set_worked(ptile, pwork);
     } else {
-      tile_set_worked(ptile, NULL);
+      if (!tile_city(ptile)) {
+        tile_set_worked(ptile, NULL);
+      }
     tile_changed = TRUE;
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