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> There is the catch: Between the versions the ptile->city member has been
> replaced by ptile->worked which points to the city working on the tile,
> so many tiles are pointing to the same city (in the city radius I
> suppose).

That was a terrible idea.  Though I suppose at first glance it must
have seemed attractive enough.

>> Question: if you disconnect and reconnect to the server, are the
>> fogged cities shown then?  I cannot recall testing this.
> Wow, that was a GREAT idea! I just tested it and noticed that the cities
> are updated correctly (meaning they are visible when fogged) after
> rejoining the game. I moved up to one visible fogged city with an
> explorer and left again et voila: once the city got fogged again it
> disappeared from the map. The problem seems to occur when the fogged
> city becomes visible again or is fogged again.  So the problem with the
> updating must be happening somewhere when the TILE_KNOWN_UNSEEN flag is
> set for a formerly seen tile or vice versa when it is reset to the
> I'll try to check through all the code blocks where these status flags
> are checked and/or changed and compare them with the former code of
> S2_1. Maybe I'll get lucky and find the needle in the haystack before
> the "few weeks" pass by. ;)

The problem must be that when the tile is fogged (in the tile packet),
the ptile->worked flag is cleared.  Looking for "->worked = NULL" in
the code should find the offending code - it shouldn't be cleared if
there's a city on the tile.

It's also possible that the server is telling the client the tile is
not worked.  This would be a related error but in the server code.
Though it could be fixed client-side I suppose.


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