Hello all and happy new year !

As you all know, Freeciv has currently a very few man-power (and this
for many years already).  There are plenty of clients, but only 2 or 3
seems to be really maintained.  It needs lot of effort to modify those
old clients for bug fixing and development.  I wish to see them removed
from trunk/.  Then, people would probably win precious time to develop
the SDL client also.

The most unmaintained clients are the ftwl and the win32 clients.  I
think they haven't been worked for many years.  Personally, I always
failed to compile them.  I have no idea how they should look to.  Also,
the Xaw client looks unmaintained for many years.  I never could start
it, so it's about the same problem.

I guess those removal would be a solution to speed up the development of
Freeciv which is very slow nowadays.  There cannot be more clients than
active developers!


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